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Waterberg Taxidermy is situated in the town of Mokopane in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The head taxidermist and owner, Jan Jacobs, started performing taxidermy in 1978.

Our trophy mounts are of the highest quality and are custom made to our clients' specifications.  As Jan is a Professional Hunter and has over 30 years hunting and safari experience, he has studied game in their natural habitat and is therefore capable of providing anatomically correct and aesthetically pleasing trophies.

Waterberg Taxidermy can facilitate your every request:

 - Full mounts
 - Shoulder mounts 
 - Skull mounts
 - Felting
 - Rugging 
 - Tanning


Waterberg Taxidermy is an offical licensed and veterinary approved taxidermy and thus trophies can be exported worldwide.

Jan provides world class trophies and is proud to hang any of his mounts on his showroom wall!

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